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  • ENHANCE MUSCLE GROWTH- MuscleMountain Sports PrePro helps in passing 30-40% more nutrients through your gut thus explode your muscle with more amino acids. The more you absorb amino acids from your diet, the greater your muscles will show the results
  • ENHANCE AMINO ACID ABSORPTION- If something contains 25 grams of protein, it doesn’t necessarily mean your body is going to absorb all 25 grams because your small intestine can only absorb protein that’s been broken down into smaller building blocks called amino acids. MuscleMountain Sports PrePro enhance metabolism thus increase absorption and bioavailability of amino acids.
  • HELPS IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT- To maintain a healthy weight, you must have a healthy gut. MuscleMountain Sports PrePro increase good bacteria in your gut which makes it ideal for weight management and thus gaining more muscles.
  • BOOST UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM- 70 percent of our immune cells are located inside our gut. MuscleMountain Sports PrePro makes the body more resistance to the ailments by helping the body to produce more natural antibodies.
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Take one or two probiotics scoop per day which helps relieve bloating, and constipation. It helps to restore metabolism and supports immune health so your gut functions at its best.
  • Helps increase amino acid absorption by 50%
  • Help improve immunity
  • Helps increase Amino Acid absorption by 50% 
  • Probiotic with 20 billion CFUs per serving
  • Good source of fibre
  • Increases the good bacteria in your gut
  • Refreshing Tropical Orange flavour

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