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After years of research and development Muscle Mountain has come up with a groundbreaking Whey Protein Isolate formula. The new and highly advanced formula with added digestive enzymes has been engineered for better digestion and absorption. It comes in a delectable Belgian Chocolate and Rich vanilla delectable flavour.

This product provides a sizeable amount of protein per scoop along with BCAAs and EAAs. It is designed for people who are living an active lifestyle like athletes, fitness enthusiasts, sports persons and avid gym-goers to meet their daily protein requirements. Now tend to post-workout recovery and muscle growth effectively with Muscle Mountain.

Also, all products of Muscle Mountain are manufactured in a facility that is registered with the (FDA) United States Food and Drug Administration) and certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The plant is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and certified by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). All our products are dope free as per WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and the NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency).

Why Muscle Mountain Whey Isolate?

  • 100% Whey Protein isolate with added digestive enzymes helps build strong lean muscles and reduce bloating
  • Offers better absorption for fast muscle recovery
  • Enriched with BCAAs & EAAs
  • Curbs hunger pangs, help in your weight loss journey
  • No compromise on taste

Debunking the myths about Whey Isolate

  1. What is the need of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)?
    Muscle Mountain Whey Protein Isolate provides 25 gm of quick absorbing protein per serving with essential amino acids, which helps in increasing the concentration of amino acids in the blood and promotes muscle protein synthesis. Supplementing with WPI hence fulfils the daily requirement of protein and this is the best whey protein for muscle growth. and recovery after a high-intensity training or workout.
  2. Who should use WPI?
    WPI should be used by those who want to gain lean muscle mass and enhance their muscle growth. It is an exceptional blend of 100% pure WPI imported from across the globe. However, pregnant women and people with medical conditions should consult a dietician/doctor before consuming this supplement. Buy the best protein for weight loss and muscle gain online.
  3. What is the difference between Muscle Mountain Whey Protein Isolate and other brands available in the market?
    Muscle Mountain is a brand with the promise of the best quality and the highest number of servings. Best whey protein powder for building muscle delivers 25 gm proteins,  almost 11.58 gm essential amino acids and 5.79 gm branched-chain amino acids per serving size of 30g. Also, Muscle Mountain Whey Protein Isolate comes fortified with Digestive enzymes like protease, amylase, lactase, cellulose and lipase. They act together to help with protein digestion and maximise protein absorption.
  4. Can those who are lactose intolerant consume Whey Protein Isolate?
    If you are lactose intolerant, then this is the best protein you can consume as it contains a very minimal quantity of lactose. However a healthcare professional should always be consulted before consumption.
  5. Will it cause bloating or discomfort like other whey proteins?
    Generally, the bloating feeling associated with whey protein is due to its lactose content which can be hard for people to digest. Muscle Mountain Whey Protein isolate is highly purified and contains little to no lactose. Also,  it is fortified with digestive enzymes which prevent any bloating or discomfort.
  6. Where can one buy Muscle Mountain Whey Protein Isolate?
    You can buy Muscle Mountain Whey Protein Isolate online in India from our website Muscle Mountain provides a wide range of products to select from, making it the best place to buy Whey Protein Isolate online. So, here’s the easiest way to get your Muscle Mountain Whey Protein at amazing prices and get it delivered right at your doorstep. Order away!

Additional information

Available In

1 Kg, 2 Kg


Chocolate, Vanilla


All proteins are the same

Not at all. Proforher is not just any other protein. It is a perfect blend of whey isolate and concentrates. Each 25 grams scoop is loaded with 18 gms of the highest quality protein which provides around 70 % of your requirement. 3 gms of BCAA and 7 gms of EAA helps in quick muscle recovery. Fortified with digestive enzymes, it lowers any symptoms of bloating. Loaded with essential minerals and vitamins, it is a complete package for the hair, bone, skin and nail health. The powder mixes easily with any fluid while the flavours titillate your taste buds and do not leave any bad after taste. Moreover, it’s not just protein. It’s a complete wellness solution for women health and beauty.

Protein is for athletes and body builders

While protein does help in bulking muscles, Proforher is designed to strengthen the muscle mass you already have. Consumed in the right dosage, it is aimed at giving women the body they desire – leaner, tighter and youthful.

Protein is for weight gain

Protein is the essential gamechanger for those who are trying to lose weight. Proteins take longer in the stomach to digest and keep u feeling full for longer. By keeping binge eating at bay while maintaining energy levels, they aid healthy weight loss.

Taking Iron and Calcium supplements are enough for healthy bones and blood

Protein is required by the human body as a basic material for connective tissue, bones, hair, skin and nails. Getting enough protein also minimizes bone density loss, keeping them healthy.

I get enough protein in my diet

Minimum 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is required for an average adult. For an individual trying to lose weight, this requirement fluctuates between 1.2- 2 grams per kilogram body weight. A typical Indian diet does not meet even 50% of this.

Too much protein is bad

Indeed, excess of everything is bad. Although the body is capable of handling 3.5-4.5 grams of protein per kilogram body weight, we still recommend you to choose the dosage wisely, as per your requirement.

3 reviews for Muscle Mountain ISO + Whey Protein

  1. Amit

    Good Product

  2. Pramod Panwar

    It’s the best whey protein because It digestion is far better than others and gives you insane results in few weeks in budget friendly

  3. Pramod Panwar

    It’s the best whey protein because It digestion is far better than others and gives you insane results in few weeks in budget friendly.

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