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There are many reasons why every woman should add more protein to her diet. Along with fats and carbohydrates, proteins are also classified as macronutrients which means the body does require them in large quantities. Proteins are the basic building blocks of the body and since the body does not store the protein as a reserve, hence it is essential to replenish the proteins regularly. Protein is the main building block of life. They are essential for muscles, tendons, skin, hormones, and many other important functions of the body. Contrary to the common knowhow, women need protein-rich diet as much as men, even the ones with moderately or not so active lifestyle.
Women usually shy away from them for fear of accumulating bulky muscle mass. All along if you have been under the impression that only those who grunt at the gym need to hoard protein, you are seriously putting your health at risk.

Specially designed for women who aim to look fitter and feel better!
After extensive research, Koshika Wellness has finally formulated the best protein powder for female muscle gain which is designed to meet modern-day women’s needs. We understand that the typical Indian diet does not supplement enough protein required by the body and are also mindful of the fact that a woman requires many other essential nutrients to keep her looking young and beautiful.
ProForHer is not just any other protein, it comes as a complete solution for your wellness and beauty.
Weight Loss
It is proven scientifically that proteins take longer in the stomach to digest and hence keep the hunger pangs at bay. Consumption of whey protein stimulates the hormones that controls hunger and of all the nutrients that you can consume, whey is most satiating. With little dietary changes and the addition of whey protein in your daily routine, you are likely to lose weight easier and faster.
Body Composition
Ditch the weighing scale! Who doesn’t want a leaner and tighter body? Overweight or not, a flabby body is an absolute no-no. A body with a high amount of adipose tends to make you look flabby and unhealthy. A protein-rich diet when clubbed with some exercises, replaces the adipose layer with muscles that are leaner and stronger. Hence someone with the same weight as yours but with more muscles is likely to look much leaner and stronger.
Bone and Blood Health
Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to to loose density and weaken over time. Even healthy-looking women do not have the right bone density and are prone to osteoporotic fractures. Several studies show positive effects of protein-rich diet on bone mineral density or content.
ProForHer comes with added iron and calcium which keep the bones healthy and stimulates RBC production in the body.
Skin, Hair, and Nails
In the daily hustle of life, women often tend to ignore or underestimate the importance of nutrients that are essential for their health, hair, skin, and nails. ProForHer comes loaded with Biotin which prevents hair thinning and stimulates hair and nail growth. A liberal dose of Vitamin C acts as a potent anti-oxidant which aids the skin’s natural regeneration process. The icing on the cake is the added collagen.
Collagen reduces joint pain, increases muscle strength and fights ageing of the skin. It promotes healthy hair by preventing hair follicle damage and greying. Collagen keeps your skin internally hydrated and improves elasticity, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming keeping you looking young and glowing.
Branched-chain amino acids are considered essential because unlike non-essential amino acids the body cannot make them. Therefore, it is important to supplement them in the diet. They play a vital role in reducing fatigue during exercise, reduce muscle soreness, lower blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss. Women are recommended 9 grams of BCAAs per day.
PCOS diet/ PCOS and protein diet
Polycystic ovary syndrome affects almost one out of three women in their reproductive years. More than one million new cases are added in India alone every year. Symptoms include changes in menstrual cycle, excess body hair, male pattern baldness, darkening of the skin, and in most cases weight management issues. In severe conditions, it leads to infertility and other complications.
While the exact cause and treatment for PCOS are still debatable and under study, data and research do confirm that a high protein diet does help patients suffering from PCOS. A diet low on carbohydrates and rich in protein may aid weight loss and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, a condition that affects more than 50%, PCOS patients. PCOS patients usually have a sluggish metabolism, consuming a high protein diet helps boost metabolism.
Protein may help improve blood sugar control and temper the insulin response.
Protein also suppresses the hunger hormone for longer compared to carbohydrates. As a result, it helps in reducing insulin levels which gives positive effects on PCOS symptoms

Do you still need more reasons?

ProForHer is not just about quantity but also quality! A scoop of 25 grams is power-packed with 18 grams of the perfect blend of whey isolate, concentrate and a mixture of digestive enzymes, 50 % of RDA recommended amount of Biotin, iron, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin E and a host of other important minerals and micronutrients.
A formula designed keeping the woman in mind as the queens deserve to stay on the helm. Available in Chocolate to make the protein an everyday treat. Gift yourself the power of the right protein.

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All proteins are the same

Not at all. Proforher is not just any other protein. It is a perfect blend of whey isolate and concentrates. Each 25 grams scoop is loaded with 18 gms of the highest quality protein which provides around 70 % of your requirement. 3 gms of BCAA and 7 gms of EAA helps in quick muscle recovery. Fortified with digestive enzymes, it lowers any symptoms of bloating. Loaded with essential minerals and vitamins, it is a complete package for the hair, bone, skin and nail health. The powder mixes easily with any fluid while the flavours titillate your taste buds and do not leave any bad after taste. Moreover, it’s not just protein. It’s a complete wellness solution for women health and beauty.

Protein is for athletes and body builders

While protein does help in bulking muscles, Proforher is designed to strengthen the muscle mass you already have. Consumed in the right dosage, it is aimed at giving women the body they desire – leaner, tighter and youthful.

Protein is for weight gain

Protein is the essential gamechanger for those who are trying to lose weight. Proteins take longer in the stomach to digest and keep u feeling full for longer. By keeping binge eating at bay while maintaining energy levels, they aid healthy weight loss.

Taking Iron and Calcium supplements are enough for healthy bones and blood

Protein is required by the human body as a basic material for connective tissue, bones, hair, skin and nails. Getting enough protein also minimizes bone density loss, keeping them healthy.

I get enough protein in my diet

Minimum 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is required for an average adult. For an individual trying to lose weight, this requirement fluctuates between 1.2- 2 grams per kilogram body weight. A typical Indian diet does not meet even 50% of this.

Too much protein is bad

Indeed, excess of everything is bad. Although the body is capable of handling 3.5-4.5 grams of protein per kilogram body weight, we still recommend you to choose the dosage wisely, as per your requirement.


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