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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say
PRANAVPRANAV(Fitness enthusiast and a Professional DJ)
Very smooth, delicious and perfectly blends in water in just a few minutes. Amazing product.
ALISHAALISHA(Pilot and a Yoga and fitness lover)
Incredible ProForHer consists of fast releasing Whey protein and Collagen, ideal for General Fitness and health
HARSH GURJARHARSH GURJAR(Athlete and Bodybuilder)
Active BCCA has reduced my fatigue, increased my nutrient supply and improved my muscle growth. Fast Digesting Protein gives no bloating on the stomach and the Sports PrePro helps the Protein To Digest Quickly.
After using a lot of supplement brands in my lifetime. I have finally found a brand that I can trust and rely on for my supplement needs.
Rajesh BakshiRajesh Bakshi(Businessman and avid runner)
It is the best protein that meets the demands of the body and is easy to digest.

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Muscle Mountain is a new product line from the house of Koshika wellness. With more than 25 years of experience and a revenue of 100 crores plus, Muscle Mountain is backed by the combination of experience and expertise in the wellness segment. Product innovation has been the key focus of the team since its inception. After putting together years of research and development, studies on the needs of the fitness enthusiasts and the latest trends, Muscle Mountain was created with the aim of giving a new dimension to the Indian fitness industry. Our raw materials are sourced from across the globe to give our clients nothing short of the best products available as per the international standards. All our products are lab tested for quality and standard.

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